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Mumbai Police Disapproves Of Kiki Challenge, Tells Youth To Stop Taking It

People who took to the streets in Egypt for an online dance challenge face penalties over allegations they endangered lives and violated public decency, the state media reported on Tuesday. CTD agent received a video showing a man performing the Kiki dance and was about to lose control on his vehicle, traffic police said, adding that the man was identified, his vehicle was seized and legal action was taken against him, the Jordan News Agency, Petra, reported.

The Dubai Police said the dance violated three traffic laws: Driving in a way that endangers the lives of others, causing traffic roadblocks or congestion, and using a mobile phone while driving. In neighbouring Oman, The Royal Oman Police have warned of an OMR 50 (AED 477) fine for those caught performing the dance.

There are many fake videos online that show people getting hit by other vehicles while completing the challenge, but it can happen in real life too. A top police officer said a Dh2,000 fine and 23 black points will be slapped on motorists taking part in the dangerous trend.

With the popularity of the video, celebrities and fans have been creating their own versions to the song, posting short clips of themselves performing the trending dance to their social media networks. For the uninitiated, Kiki challenge was started after 'Hotline Bling' singer Drake launched his new song 'In My Feelings' recently.

A few have even posted videos of themselves getting hit while dancing in the street. On Monday, authorities in Abu Dhabi ordered the arrest of three social media influencers for partaking in the viral #KikiChallenge in the middle of the road. Local media say charges under the traffic law, including endangering lives and traffic disruption, can be punished by sentences of up to a year in prison and fines of up to 3,000 Egyptian pounds or $167.

On July 24, Magdi al-Shahed said, in a phone call with TEN”, that the Egyptian law prohibits vehicle drivers from not closing their vehicles' doors while driving on the road, or driving at slower than the specified minimum speed limits. Since then, others have been joining into the dance, dubbed the #InMyFeelingsChallenge or #DoTheShiggy.

Many online videos show several cases of young girls attempting to get out of the passenger seat while the car is still moving but falling on to the road. The challenge was originally kicked off by comedian @theshiggyshow on his Instagram account, who showed Inmyfeelingschallenge off his dancing skills and inspired netizens to follow his footsteps, quite literally.

Dubai's deputy chairman of police and public security lieutenant general Dahi Khalfan Tamim, who is also an active social media user with 2.66 million followers on Twitter, criticised the challenge online. The PSD has announced that anyone doing the challenge will face a traffic ticket of the first degree, a safety pledge signed by the driver, and the car being put in custody until after a fine is paid.

Over the past week, people have been jumping out of their moving cars to dance to Drake's hit single as part of the viral #InMyFeelingsChallenge , also known as the Kiki Challenge, and posting videos of it on Twitter and Instagram. Kiki challenge is basically a dance-based challenge where one needs to dance on Drake's In My Feelings soundtrack but with a moving car.

But the trend really picked up when people started leaping out of moving vehicles to complete the challenge. On the other side, challenges like #KIKI or the In My Feelings” Challenge, Running Man Challenge, Harlem Shake or Gangnam style had no particular cause than to share.

But as of today, I've watched several dozen social media masterpieces featuring joyful people everywhere getting down to that line, which a literal plea for attention. The traffic police in Jordan also stressed that anyone caught doing it will be punished under a violation of the traffic law called reckless driving, and will have his or her car held in custody,” according to the local press.

2014 FIFA World Cup Final

From his lofty vantage point as expert pundit for Russia Today, Jose Mourinho has bestowed unto the world his predictions for the group stages of the upcoming World Cup. Despite, the large number of countries to participate, only eight of them have enjoyed the glory of actually winning it. Brazil are on the top with five (don't mention this to Brazilians right now, though), and Germany are next on the list with four, their most recent having been secured against Argentina on Sunday.

Brazil topped Italy 4-1 to win its third World Cup. Fun fact: Peru's 36-year gap from their last World Cup to this current outing is the longest absence of any nation competing in Russia (not including first-timers Iceland and Panama). The Fifa World Cup 2018 predictor game gets us like that.

Argentina beats newcomers Iceland in their first World Cup match, while Croatia lose to African heavyweights Nigeria. Brazil, the most dominant team in World Cup history and the defending World Cup champion, was next in Munich. Football World Cup now commonly known as FIFA World Cup” started back in 1930 when they first world cup was held in Uruguay.

Ghana striker Asamoah Gyan scored from the resulting penalty and the game finished at 1-1, leaving Australia with everything to do in their final game. The winning team at next year's World Cup in Russia will be awarded a record $38m (£29m) in prize money, after world football governing body Fifa boosted its financial offering to record levels.

2026 - TBC - 48 TEAMS - 80 MATCHES: As well as 16 groups of three followed by a 32-team knockout, a proposal remains in place to decide all drawn matches via penalty shoot-outs. Italy beat West Germany 3-1in the final to win their record third World Cup title.

After missing out on qualifying for the last World Cup having conceded two goals in stoppage time against the US in 2013, the world's 131st most populous nation was determined not to miss out this time around. England may possess the best domestic league in world football, but the national team are England likely to return empty-handed in the summer.

The buzz is that the team is gaining confidence with every match & since most players have Premier League experience, they should ideally perform under pressure. First it was Germany, then Argentina along with Portugal and then Spain…there won't be any surprise if Croatia or England gets knocked out further.

Germany, the champions of 2014, will try their luck at the 2018 championship to win back the Cup. Managed 43 goals in 84 appearances for West Germany, helping them to victory in the 1990 World Cup in Italy with three goals in the opening stages. Most of the old names are back, however, with European powers like France, Spain and England, South America's Uruguay and Colombia and Asia's Japan and South Korea all making it to Russia without the need for play-offs.

Scotland simply could not conjure up a goal and when English referee R Leafe blew for the final whistle, England were the champions. Tunisia had not made it since 1998, but they are back for a fifth finals, while Egypt, who became the first African nation to play in the finals back in 1934, scored an injury-time winner against Congo to make it for the first time since 1990.

There have been twenty World Cup winning teams up to this point. While their attack is strong, their chances of going a long way in the tournament will be reduced if Luis Suarez, who scored nearly half of their goals in qualifying, doesn't recover from a knee injury in time.

All we have left now is the France vs Croatia final and the third place playoff and you've come to the right place to find out how to live stream every last joyous, heartbreaking minute of what remains of the Russia 2018 World Cup absolutely free and regardless of where you live.

A Secret Weapon For Travel

If you've traveled rapidly over several time zones, you've likely dealt with jet lag. Rice, potatoes, pasta and burgers during a stopover may increase your need for sleep, which can be helpful if you arrive your destination at night. We drink lots of water a day before the flight and as our journey begins we drink more and more water. Sunlight helps your body and brain make sense of the new time zone and resets your inner clock; most experts agree.

I can't sleep on planes so sometimes this is a stretch. They have found that the trick to avoiding - or at least minimizing - jet lag is to start making the time shift before your flight takes off. A dose of melatonin that is between 0.3 mg-5 mg may be taken on the first day you travel at the time you go to sleep at your destination, and for a few days, if needed.

And when you're dehydrated, your body isn't well prepared to adjust to a different time zone, according to WebMD. Noon in Sydney is 5pm in LA and the flight is just over 13 hours long, so stay awake for the first half of the flight and sleep for the second half.

In this case, I looked at adjusting your sleep times in San Francisco in the three days before the flight. Mum didn't sleep much on the plane and was dazed and confused when we popped by the day after her arrival for dinner and holiday talk. Exposure to daylight at your destination will usually help you adapt to a new time zone faster.

Travel is extremely tiring, and the more rest your body gets en route the more prepared you'll be to deal with the stresses of jet lag. A recent trip from New York to PyeongChang - for training at the new Alpensia Sliding Centre - took Mazdzer and his team-mates 30 hours while travelling across 11 time zones.

Now if you arrive in the evening you should not sleep too much on the airplane and try to watch movies or stay active. I love a good arrivals lounge, especially on overnight flights. The more time zones you cross, the more severe your symptoms of jet lag may be. As a long time, marathon traveler, this is a great list and awesome way to avoid that terrible jet lag.

To maintain this modified sleep schedule, you can even enlist the help of a website or app: Jet Lag Rooster and JetLag Genie are popular. When sunlight hits your eyes, it triggers a reaction in your brain that stops the production of melatonin (the chemical that makes you sleepy), so if you feel drowsy or irritable on arrival, head outdoors.

Shift your eating and sleeping habit a few hours forward or backwards depending on the direction you are travelling for a few days prior to travelling in order to prepare your body for the change. Online jet lag calculators and apps are available to help you plan your exposure to light.

Try to sleep on the plane if you're traveling eastward and into a new day. Research suggests that the body uses this hormone to set its time clock. At dawn, the levels of melatonin produced by our bodies drop again and the body's daytime circuits take over. Yes, you may be excited or trying to tire yourself out so you sleep on the plane, but get a good night's sleep instead.

It's easy to use, and it allows you to select when you want to start the adjustment - before, during the flight, or on arrival. 5. Be prepared for jet lag to hit hard a day or two in. As soon as you board the plane, set your watch and phone to the new time zone and don't look back.

That's because staying awake later to help your body adjust to a new time zone is easier than forcing your body to go to sleep earlier. Expect several nights of disruption; jet lag in babies doesn't seem to last as long. Check out our review of the 1st Class Kid Travel Pillow for helping kids get a better sleep on the plane by turning their Economy seat into a flatbed.

Always looking for new ways to avoid the jet Bikini Diva Pro lag on my travels. Gregarious types, who love to meet new people, mix among various social groups, and travel in a pack, tend to cope better with jet lag than people who reach a destination and retreat to their rooms with a book or remote control.

Motorcycle News, Reviews And How

Motorcycles have been growing in popularity as people become aware that they're not just for recreational (fun), but a great way to travel from one place to another. If you check your bike every couple of hours, you will know much sooner if it gets stolen and you may prevent that from happening in the first place, especially if someone casing your bike sees your checking on it. You can also check on your bike on your mobile phone anywhere, if you've got a smartphone security camera installed to secure your bicycle.

It's also very easy to connect to an external microphone mounted inside your helmet since your entire motovlogging setup is attached to your helmet which you can easily take off when needed. Easy to mount: A good motovlog camera should be easy to install either on your helmet, bike or motorcycle.

There are two major types of headset- older, threaded headsets that have a quill that drops into the stem of the fork creating an interference connection, and newer threadless headsets that the stem is bolted and clamped on to. Flat handle bars are preferred by off road cyclists who can ride in a more upright postion whilst still having the controls at their fingertips, whereas drop handlebars offer more cycling positions and are favoured by road cyclists who typically spend more time in the saddle.

Long trips usually mean some long stretches of freeway riding and the wind noise alone is more than enough to not only be very uncomfortable after amount of time, but damage your hearing. You'll ride on the side of dirt and stone roads thousands of metres up and have to contend with massive trucks taking all the space on the single landed passageway.

My job is to travel so every week I upload videos about the cities that I visit. I have, for example, never colour graded a video, preferring to get the colour right, first time, in the camera. Real Life: Most of the videos I make for my Facebook dog-crew on how to use Twitter are done using a PC camera.

The more advance the security is on your motorcycle the more considerable the discount to your premium will be. One simple way of getting a discount is using an approved chain, which could reduce your premium by 2 - 3%. You can get up to 10% off your insurance if your bike is fitted with an aftermarket alarm and an immobiliser.

As with other great views, the pass has often inspired wonder, sometimes in the most unlikely of contexts and least likely of people. Also, try to find the Easy Riders in Hoi An and just pay one of them to ride you over the pass to Hue. IF ONE IS LOOKING FOR INSPIRATION, MOTIVATION or tips for next or even the very first travels, Youtube travel channels are one of the best options to start with.

A few well-instructed lessons go a long way towards increasing the amount of time you ride. Plus, you have the freedom to edit previously recorded videos, combine videos or combine a group of photos and convert them into a video. In fact I have 100's of videos on YouTube that show motorcycle road trips, demo rides and product reviews.

But, with MCrider I wanted to offer something different, using video and solid motorcycle instruction to provide some real value to the motorcycling community. Gareth shares videos from his experiences living like a local in different countries for a few months at a time, as well as his charity projects.

A contender for the most famous road in Vietnam, the Hai Van Pass is a short but scenic route winding around a mountainside above the East Sea, on the central coast. PsychoTraveller showcases through weekly videos her life on the road, the people she meets, the food she tastes as well as the vlogger uk highs and lows behind living as a digital nomad.

Sometimes there isn't a solid point to lock your bike to, which is where a wall or ground anchor comes in. These can be fixed to solid surfaces and give you somewhere to secure your bike to. They're are also great for adding a bit of extra security, for example securing your bike to a ground anchor inside a locked shed.

Currently I use Audacity for Audio recording and Powerdirector (Cyberlink) for video editing PD is pretty easy to use (some learning needed, but not too bad for covering the basics) and seems to offer lots of complex features when you want them. Yes, the Hai Van Pass is good - you could ride it as part of the Golden Loop which gives you some more beach roads and great mountains too.

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